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This is a small python-coded game I made in an attempt to simulate Heideggerian “thrownness” in a virtual setting, with the player acting as Dasein. I know, right?


Clicking the picture leads to my redundant and inelegant code on the CodeSkulptor platform. To play the game, click the green skeuomorphic triangle symbol at the top left.


GWU Anthropology

where I learned how to do this stuff


Engaging Science, Technology, and Society

where you can read my article Policing the Fluff: The Social Construction of Scientistic Selves in Otherkin Facebook Groups


M/C Journal

where you can read my article Wandering in the City: Time, Memory, and Experience in Digital Game Space


Anthropological Quarterly (AQ)

where you can read my review of Donna Haraway's Staying with the Trouble

and also my review of Computer Games and the Social Imaginary, by Graeme Kirkpatrick


CaMP Anthropology

 Ilana Gershon's media and linguistic anth blog, where I took the page 99 test



a reading/synopsis blog I keep for my own use (or yours?)


Westphalia Press

     my former job as Director of Media and Publications


Acta Iassyensia Comparationis Journal

where you can read my article Bytes of Passage: Video Game Inhabitation as Ritual



more of me—briefly



even more of me—academically



still more of me—uselessly


Writing About Video Games class blog

The American Road Trip class blog

     the sites for two writing classes I taught at GWU


what's up in anthropology

The Geek Anthropologist

Grief and Getting Beyond the Endgame (Fri, 15 Nov 2019)
The lasting impact of Avengers: Endgame on our understandings of heroism, masculinity, and mental health.  By Emma Louise Backe An hour...
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Why Did Chinese Farmers Switch to Wheat? (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
A shift in ancient Chinese crops shows how agricultural practices can help or hinder food production in the face of environmental change. The post Why Did Chinese Farmers Switch to Wheat? appeared first on SAPIENS.
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Ulla Berg on her new book, Mobile Selves (Wed, 13 Sep 2017)
Originally posted on CaMP Anthropology: ? https://nyupress.org/books/9781479803460/ Interview by Ilana Gershon  If you were in a long customs line, like the one in the complex and evocative vignette with which you open your book, and you struck up a conversation with an immigration lawyer who happened to be just ahead of you in line, how…
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El Cruce de la Muerte: Fieldwork and Carework at the Crossroad of Death (Thu, 07 Nov 2019)
Anthrodendum welcomes guest blogger Amarilys Estrella, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University. Her research examines the role of human rights discourse in transnational activism against anti-Black racism. El Cruce de la Muerte: Fieldwork and Carework at the Crossroad of Death by Amarilys Estrella In July of 2017, one year after having moved with my family to the Dominican Republic for my dissertation research, I survived a car accident. Our car crashed {+}
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CaMP Anthropology

Teri Silvio on her new book, Puppets, Gods, and Brands (Mon, 18 Nov 2019)
https://uhpress.hawaii.edu/product/puppets-gods-and-brands-theorizing-the-age-of-animation-from-taiwan/ Interview by Ilana Gershon Ilana Gershon: What first led you to start thinking about animation? Teri Silvio:  Well, I started off by studying drama, and I wrote my dissertation on Taiwanese Opera.  Taiwanese Opera is a genre in which … Continue reading →
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